Revolutionize Your Modular Construction Project with Skid Fabrication

TMI Fabricators, a leader in modular process skid manufacturing, offers a comprehensive range of services. We provide modular skid fabrication and supply of top-quality building materials for prefabricated buildings in Mount Vernon, IN.

Embrace Efficient Construction Methods

In today’s construction industry, time savings and adherence to codes and standards are crucial. That’s why modular construction emerges as a game-changer. TMI Fabricators provides innovative solutions that incorporate modular process skids, which enables streamlined construction projects and controlled environments that meet industry requirements.



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Decades of Expertise in Steel Fabrication for Modular Construction

With years of experience, TMI Fabricators has established itself as a trusted name in the field of modular contractors. Our expertise lies in designing and constructing prefabricated units that can be quickly assembled at your building site. From oil and gas facilities to manufacturing plants, we offer turnkey solutions, from design and engineering to delivery and installation. 

Unlock the Potential of Prefabrication

By leveraging our wide-ranging shop capabilities and collaboration with family companies, we can explore opportunities for modularization and prefabrication in your local projects. Our goal is to optimize construction processes, enhance safety, and deliver cost-efficient solutions. 

Discover Our Modular Fabrication Services