Modular Construction

Modules and skids are pre-piped, pre-wired, and made ready for quick installation before being shipped to your job site in Mount Vernon, IN.

Our Modular Construction Capabilities

As labor markets continue to tighten and the pace of your business speeds up, we must turn to creative solutions to bring your projects to life and help grow your bottom line. Modular construction takes work out of the field and into our shop for more cost-efficient and safer projects.

TMI Fabricators has been a leading provider of modules and skids for decades. We specialize in the design and construction of modules and skids, which are prefabricated units that can be quickly and easily assembled on-site. Our services are ideal for a variety of industrial applications. We offer a turnkey solution that includes everything from design and engineering to delivery and installation.

TMI’s wide-ranging shop capabilities and support from our family companies mean we can explore a number of opportunities for modularization and prefabrication for your local projects.



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Modular Construction Services

Modular process systems

A modular process system is set up within a frame or skid. It involves the combination of prefabricated parts, parts produced by on-site assembly, and field-installed systems. This portable manufacturing plant offers several benefits over traditional construction methods. 


First, it allows for more efficient use of resources and labor. Second, it results in less waste and fewer emissions. Third, modular construction reduces the risk of project delays and cost overruns. Finally, modules and skids can be adapted to a wide range of climate conditions. As a result, modular process systems are an increasingly popular choice for manufacturing facilities around the world.

Piping skids and racks

Piping skids are modular units where various piping components are fixed. A rack is a modular support frame used to store or transport skids that have been pre-assembled with process components. Piping skids and racks are often used together in plants where there is a need to move or store pre-assembled process units.

Prefabricated process equipment

Prefabricated process equipment is often used in the chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries. While prefabricated process equipment can be custom-made to meet your needs, it’s also available in standard sizes and configurations. 


The benefits of prefabricated process equipment include reduced lead times, improved quality control, and lower costs. In addition, this type of equipment is often easier to install and maintain than traditional on-site fabricated equipment.

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